We don't want to blow our own trumpet - so we'll leave others to do it for us.... 


'Maria and Nina really know their stuff.  But that's not the biggest asset they bring.  What stands them apart, is their obvious passion for what they do and the way they're able to translate writing theory into meaningful practice.  Our team enjoyed every minute of their workshop and we'll definitely be using them again.' Mandy Sharp, founder, Tin Man Communications

‘Really useful writing and editing structure that I can use straight away in my writing. Loved the practical exercises.’ Carrie Smith, Brighton Chamber of Commerce, open workshop attendee

'Maria and Nina have brought so much energy and creativity to our writing process and we're seeing  more new business opportunities converting as a result.' Katherina Steinkellner, head of learning and development, Science Museum

'Bloody brilliant! This will definitely help. Thanks.' Third City workshop attendee

'From the start, Nina and Maria have been experienced professionals, motivating us to write and share our work as part of a group in a sensitive, comfortable manner. The workshops have a good balance of learning and writing practice that are both supportive and fun.  I am much more confident in my writing and the follow up service is vital to my ongoing development.' Senior development executive, corporate relations team, National Railway Museum

'It was a great session, which has given us plenty to think about.’ Celeste Bright, development director, Design Museum

'The So What? team held an informative, interactive and energy-packed session for our members in Bristol, who told us the session had boosted their confidence and writing skills, and given them some great tools and strategies to apply to their everyday copy.'  Charity Comms

‘I found today so insightful and a really relaxed atmosphere to share and learn actionable advice.’ Sophie Gilman, Intermarketing, open workshop attendee

'We have been having on-site writing workshops for about a year now. The fact that I keep finding So What? documents to help my writing attests to how much I have enjoyed having this fixture in my calendar!'  Senior development executive, philanthropy team, Science Museum

‘Lots of useful tips. The structure of topics was good with a great balance of group and individual thinking.’ Spink PR open workshop attendee

‘The group size is ideal. Sometimes more can be overwhelming. The exercises really get you thinking.’ Wildwood PR open workshop attendee

  • 98% of workshop attendees say they value and use our writing tools after our workshop

  • 100% of participants would recommend our workshop

  • 95% say the workshops have improved their writing and confidence

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